Coronavirus: Attendance and reduced spread of infection

Stockholm City Council carefully follows the development of COVID-19 and the decisions of the Department of Health. Preschools in Stockholm remain open.

The government has enacted new regulations that allow for various measures to be put into place when schools are forced to close because of the Corona virus and COVID-19. Stockholm City Council follows developments in this area in order to quickly make new relevant decisions. 

When does my child need to stay home?

We all need to take responsibility for limiting the spread of the virus. The City of Stockholm follows the authorities’ recommendations and refers to the Public Health Agency of Sweden and Region Stockholm for up-to-date information. This applies to pre-schools as well as to educational care and open pre-schools.

In the event of symptoms

Your child should stay home if she or he has any symptoms and for two days after the symptoms have completely cleared up. After seven days, your child may return to preschool, even if they still have minor symptoms such as a dry cough or minor common cold symptoms.

If your child shows symptoms at pre-school

If your child shows symptoms at pre-school, including mild symptoms, the pre-school will contact you to request that you come to collect them.

In the event of a positive COVID-19 test result

Everyone in your household must stay home for a week if anyone in the household tests positive for COVID-19.

Worried about infection?

If you as the guardian feel worried and would like your child to stay home due to coronavirus, you need to request time off as per the pre-school’s normal routines.

Face masks are not mandatory in a pre-school environment

Region Stockholm recommends that the general public use single-use face masks in indoor situations where social distancing is not possible. This recommendation does not apply to pre-schools. In a pre-school environment, face masks are recommended only for adults and in prolonged situations where it is not possible to maintain social distancing. General use of face masks is not recommended in the pre-school environment.